Ermenegildo Zegna – Retail Summit
In 2017, the ZEGNA group set forth its new sales strategies and advertising campaign in three international B2B events in Italy (Turin), Korea (Jeju), and the United States (Los Angeles).
The ZEGNA RETAIL SUMMIT was a project spanning three continents that engaged store managers in a series of meetings, talks, and workshops with a strong emphasis on training.
Havas Events Milan was commissioned to develop creativity and produce the project. It created the concept STATUS IN MOTION, visually symbolized as a slingshot. This manifesto expresses the spirit of the love brand ZEGNA, which stands as a solid reference point while evolving in step with the contemporary market.
In addition to creative management, Havas Events Milan organized and managed the entire event, from production to international logistics, including a supporting digital platform with dedicated app.

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